Why Elvis Left the Building By Heart Lanier Shapré

About the Book

Before there was Michael Jackson and The Beatles, there was Elvis. Of all the entertainers who have influenced pop culture over the past 50 years, Elvis Presley stands at the top. His influence can be felt in music, film, fashion, and in the emotions of all the lives he has touched around the world.

In this phenomenal book written by Heart Lanier Shapré, amazingly, seven lost years of the King’s childhood are revealed. Learn the foundations of what shaped this mega star’s life. The truth of these lost childhood years is based on interviews with the book’s narrator, James Samuel Denson, who was selected by Gladys Presley to help raise her son Elvis, and on the DVD Elvis Through My Eyes. Notes the author, “The story has to be told; there was a person up there on stage beneath those costumes who had struggles, FBI involvement and is a phenomenon of life. What was the price?” To quote Elvis, “My image is one thing and the human being is another … it’s hard to live up to an image.”

About the Author

According to retired Memphis Police Department Captain Bob Ferguson, “Of the millions of Elvis Fans around the globe, I would place Heart Shapré among the top ten persons for her love, mystique and dedication to King Presley.” Heart Lanier Shapré lives in Las Vegas and is researching her next book.

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