The Red Wrath: A Journey between Two Destinies

by Hatef Mokhtar

About the Book

I have often wondered about the nature of separation and why sometimes it feels so cruel. But is it really cruel or can it teach us something? Is separation the true test of feelings? I am sure God has given us this gift of separation for a reason. Perhaps separation is our real true friend, and through it we can hold on to our memories by filling different corners of our heart with those we have loved and lost.

After all, what is it that we take with us when we die, except for memories? When we die and go wherever our beliefs have promised to take us, we go on a journey where the final destination is where those who have gone ahead of us have already gone, and then we wait for those who will follow us.

The pain we feel in separation is the price we pay for love. I believe separation is the beginning of a long metaphysical chain of events that binds one spirit to another, connecting every corner of the world and reaching places we cannot see because they are beyond the reach of the living. We can only reach them when our imagination has taken over from where our breath has left us.

The Red Wrath: A Journey between Two Destinies is the story of young boy who lives in Afghanistan in the 1970s, but it goes much deeper than that.

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About the Author

Born in Afghanistan, Hatef Mokhtar grew up in a refugee camp in Pakistan and is now working as the Editor in Chief of The Oslo Times in Oslo, Norway. “The cries and sorrow of my homeland inspired me to write this book.”