Beer, Chicks and Wargames: The 6-Year College Plan By Gregory Spikeman

About the Book

The book title says it all: Beer, Chicks and Wargames: The 6-Year College Plan. In this honest, humorous and sometimes critical look at college life in America, author Gregory Spikeman takes readers on a nostalgic ride through the ‘90s, where he revisits the music, culture, technology and the dysfunctional youth known as Generation X.

Travel back to 1991 and the start of the school year at the University of South Carolina. Bart is a stubborn and fiercely independent kid who goes to college without much of a plan. His immediate goal is to simply get away from home and see what happens. While getting a college degree would certainly be a plus, this goal becomes secondary, as Bart discovers Beer, Chicks and Wargames, as well as a myriad of other temptations. Only sheer luck keeps him afloat from one misadventure to the next.

Then Bart finds his true calling. For a wonderfully fun read, pick up some Beer and Chicks.

About the Author

It took author Gregory Spikeman six years to graduate college and another six years to write his memoir. He lives in South Carolina and is now writing a suspense novel.

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