The War Merchants by Gregg Feistman

About the Book

To those with a unique vision, it doesn’t take war to conquer the world, just money. Using stolen gold and treasures confiscated by the Nazis during World War II, a plot is hatched to control the global economy.

Out of the fortunes of war, a former Nazi finance expert and his sibling, an SS colonel, turn Hitler’s dream of world domination into their own, one based on economic fascism. Decades after the war has ended, their successors, a secret cartel of international business leaders and multinational corporations, have used this stolen wealth as their foundation to control world events and manipulate governments. They are The War Merchants.

As their mutual attraction grows, public relations executive Cassidy Jevon and business reporter Michael Kranz are determined to expose this global conspiracy before its next phase begins: the takeover of Russia.

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About the Author

Gregg Feistman is an associate professor of public relations at Temple University in Philadelphia. He lives in Southern New Jersey.