Finding Gissy Springs, A Journey to Happiness: A Logical Step-by-Step Guide to Happiness Even During Tough Economic Times and The Story of The Discovery of Gissy Springs

by Grant Austin Waldman

978-1-61204-641-9-GWaldmanCoverAbout the Book

This is the first book in the author’s journey, discussing what it takes to evolve one from sentient human being to a spiritual human being, making the quantum mindset shift from fear and scarcity to that of joy and abundance. His next book focuses on both the micro and macro summaries of how the evolution of us humans on this planet needs to evolve, provided we prioritize our collective well-being.

About the Author

Grant Austin Waldman previously produced, directed and wrote feature motion pictures. This is his first book. Growing up in Beverly Hills, California, and working in the ghettos of Watts and Compton in Los Angeles proved to be a dichotomy that has led to his exposure to many facets and intricacies of human nature. He is now the caretaker of Gissy Springs and the spiritual leader, charged with helping stressed city-dwelling sentient human beings make the conscious mindset shift from fear and scarcity to a mindset of joy and abundance.