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About the Book

Watching out for a younger brother or sister is a big responsibility. In the exciting new children’s book Trinny Bear and Dallas, see what happens when a baby bear joins the family.

Mama and Papa Bear are very proud of Dallas, their well-behaved and carefree son, who was named after the Dallas Cowboys. When Trinity is born, Dallas is expected to always look out for his younger sister and set a good example. However, this is not always easy because Trinny has so much energy that she always makes a mess and she loves to disappear playing hide and seek.

Dallas now has the job of keeping their room neat, which Trinny loves to mess up, and must watch over Trinny when they go to bear school. When the time comes to visit Grandma and Grandpa Bear during summer break, Dallas is delighted because he thinks he no longer has to watch out for his little sister. On the train ride to their grandparents in West Virginia, Dallas becomes annoyed with Trinny for hiding on the train. Suddenly, there is a screeching noise when one of the train cars jumps the tracks.

Dallas thought Trinny was right behind him, but she has gone missing! What could have happened to Trinny?

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The Courage to Die with the Spirit to Live: And If I Wake Up Tomorrow, I’m Gonna Be Pissed!

Wells-Sanders Cover WebTo those whose lives have been touched by cancer, The Courage to Die with the Spirit to Live tells of one man’s journey, from his diagnosis to his final 30 days.

In June 2011, my late husband, Craig Sanders, was diagnosed with non-small cell squamous lung cancer. Writing this book keeps the promise I made to Craig when he learned his battle with lung cancer was coming to an end and he was transitioning to his next phase of life.

During this time, he lived his life to the fullest, in spite of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He went on two cruises, flew a plane, went fishing, crabbing, and was able to keep his sense of humor. He gave us strength, and left an indelible impact in our hearts and minds.

The book depicts the various phases of Craig’s year-and-a-half battle with cancer. He loved helping people, and knew that as I penned his journey with this disease, he would be helping others, as well as myself.

We don’t always know what paths our life will take. Often when something catastrophic does occur, we’re caught off-guard. Had it not been for our support system of family, friends, and our faith, the journey would have been impossible. We honor and salute you, and I know that Craig will always be just a prayer away from us all.

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About the Author

Glenora Wells-Sanders is the director of Social Services and a Certified Dementia Practitioner for LifeBridge Health. She is also an adjunct professor at Coppin State University in Baltimore. She wrote this story for her grandchildren, Trinny and Dallas, and to remember their Grandma Mattie, who passed away from ovarian cancer. Trinny Bear and Dallas is her second published book.