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Finally! All of Gary Botting’s published poems have been brought together for the first time in Streaking! The Collected Poems of Gary Botting. Half a century ago, the author pioneered the use of shaped poetry to achieve effects similar to vertigo, where the reader’s heart literally skips a beat!

His sense of humour – rare in Canadian poets – giggles across the page,” says one critic.

Botting’s published poems have been described as “sexperimental” because they push the boundaries of accepted poetic and linguistic structure and thematic acceptability. Streaking! includes all the poems from his most recent collection Isabeau: Poems of Lust and Love (2013), as well as haikus, sonnets, odes, ballads, and the entire poetic drama Prometheus Rebound. The poet explores not only themes of unabashed sexuality, but also more innocent themes of nature. It’s the naked truth.

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Botting_Cover_WebCampbell’s Kids

In the stunning novel Campbell’s Kids, Sister Jane Doe is the moniker that the triage team gives to a nun rescued from a forest fire. Her ordeal has left her suffering from amnesia. Nonetheless, there is clear evidence that she herself set the fire in which she very nearly died. After receiving treatment for her burns, she is locked up as a pyromaniac.

News reporter Roy Farquhar convinces both the woman and her nurse that she is Maggie Campbell, widow of famed Canadian artist Philip Campbell. The shoe seems to fit. Roy “rescues” her from the forensic ward and lives with her, hoping to profit from the sale of her late husband’s art. But when he takes her to the wedding of her “son,” Tom Campbell, her memory is jogged so traumatically that she begins to remember who she really is.

In particular, she recalls her sordid role as a self-styled avenging angel who used arson and serial murder to stamp out the curse that infected her remote valley: the evils of incest and pedophilia. In the process, she discovers that she is not only the product and victim of incest, but has also committed incest, unwittingly, time and time again. Hence her duties as avenging angel are not yet over …

English-born criminal defense and extradition lawyer Gary Botting has defended many alleged dangerous offenders and clients accused of arson, incest, pedophilia, rape, and murder.

Crazy Gran

Botting_Cover_WebAmy’s Uncle Al and her mother Ariel both seem to have insider knowledge that something terrible is going to happen in Manhattan on September 11, 2001. Thousands heeded Ariel’s warning in The Chrislamic Messenger to flee New York City. But how did they know?

The military believes Amy’s father is somehow behind 9/11, even though he is supposedly dead and buried. As a weapons technologist, he was custodian of two Mark 53 nuclear bombs that were jettisoned by a failing B-52 over Champlain Lake at the same time he went missing in 1978. Now, years later, he seems to have come back from the dead.

Only Amy can stop her uncle from executing her father’s plan to detonate one of the massive bombs inside a uranium mine in the Adirondacks, causing a cataclysmic chain reaction that would create a sixth Great Lake and precipitate evacuation of the Eastern seaboard.

Uncle Al is intent on stopping Amy from alerting authorities, by supplying her Chrislamic mother with evidence that although Amy swears she is a virgin, she and her cousin Ron have been indulging in “fornication.” According to Sharia law and Deuteronomy 13, Amy must be stoned to death. As Uncle Al prepares to detonate the dirtiest bomb in history, Ron attempts to stop Amy’s stoning before New York State blows sky high.