In that Land there are Giants By Gary Allison Powell

About the Book

With breathtaking illustrations and a timeless message, the new children’s book In That Land There Are Giants reminds both young and old not to let their own “giants” keep them from their dreams.

Once upon a time in a faraway land, 7-year-old Jacob discovers a surprising truth when he journeys to a place he has been warned about. “In that land there are giants.” This exciting story is told with a master’s touch, as a child’s innocence and curiosity push beyond the walls of fear to uncover life’s mysteries. It is a sad truth that most people allow fear of the unknown to direct them, and thus spend their lives worrying, instead of living.

Storyteller Gary Allison Powell says, “I am inspired by wonder. The wonder in a child’s eye every time he makes a new discovery in the world around him. The wonder in a young person’s heart when that arrow of love first pierces the breast and life cannot be imagined without that special person. The wonder I find in the eyes of parents who greet their newborn child. The wonder in the embrace of lovers who have managed to stay together for 50 years. And the wonder that follows the memories left for us to hold when a loved one slips from this world into the arms of eternity.” This book is indeed a wonder.

About the Author

Gary Allison Powell is a lifelong resident of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. In addition to writing, he works as a consultant and is the executive director of The Caregiver Foundation of America. He is currently working on three novels.