ADAM EXX: BOOK 1 GENESIS by Fraser Beath McEwing

About the Book

Adam Exx is in a packed commuter train going to work. As the carriage enters the underground city loop, everything stops.

The lights go out, the train rolls to a halt. In the total darkness there’s no sound, no hint of life. The girl sitting next to Adam won’t speak. There is no movement in the eerily quiet train.

Is the problem with Adam or the passengers around him?

As Adam’s life unravels, the life he knew is abandoned and
a new world is revealed. Where he is and what he is will
never be the same again.

If you think you know how your world came to be, and if you assume that your surroundings are real, think again.

In a thrilling start to the Adam Exx series, Genesis questions everything about Adam’s life, and our own.

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About the Author

A magazine editor for most of his career, Fraser Beath McEwing has written both fiction and nonfiction for leading Australian magazines and newspapers. His first novel, Feel the Width, was published in 1994. It took a satirical look at the Australian fashion industry of the 1960s. His experience in the early 1990s with network marketing formed the basis of his currently published satirical novel, cafe.