Q) How long will it take to get back to me?
A) We will reply in one to four days by email. If you do not hear from us, then first check your spam filters and junk folders. If not there, please query us again using this form. If for some reason that still doesn’t work, please email QuickPitch (at) SBPRA.com or call 800.961.3437.

Q) What genres do you accept, or not accept?
A) We accept pitches for ALL genres except hate or racist pitches. As you fill out the pitch form, the most important question is the one about your ‘platform’. We’ve learned that the author’s position and ability to assist with marketing the work is primary.

Q) I am not from the US? Do you want pitches from other countries?
A) We have authors from all over the world including US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Greece, South Africa… and pretty much everywhere. We are aggressively targeting expansion into China, the Middle East, and Australia. Through Ingram our books are available to all book chains, and through Lightning Source, they can be printed in the US, UK, and in June, Australia. From those 3 locations we can ship anywhere in the world.

Q) What is your capability regarding eBooks?
A) One of our subsidiaries is an ebook publishing specialist (www.EpubCo.com) and we are aggressively creating ebooks, Kindle books, and m-books for iPad, iPhone, and Android. We doubt you will find another publisher with the technological strengths that we have.

Q) I have other questions. Can I call you?
A) Please hold further questions until we evaluate your pitch. If you wish to call you may call 800.961.3437. They can help you with pitch questions only.

Q) My book is not finished, can I pitch it?
A) We only accept pitches for books that are finished or at least 90% finished. They do not have be edited. If it is a children’s book, we prefer that the illustrations are at least underway. If in doubt, go ahead and pitch us and explain what the situation is.