Books by Ettore Grillo

A Hidden Sicilian History

Grillo Cover WebIs there life after death? A Hidden Sicilian History presents an intriguing and easy-to-read historical novel that starts with the investigation of a mysterious death.

While doing research in the public library in Enna, Sicily, a young man notices an ancient scroll has drifted from a shelf onto the floor. It appears to have slipped from a gap between two volumes about the Spanish Inquisition.

Expecting it to be related to life in Sicily at the time of Spanish rule, instead the handwritten scroll reports a singular drama that was performed on the stage of the deconsecrated Church of Santa Croce in Enna some time ago.

The young man decides to translate the fascinating lost manuscript from Italian into English and publish it.

Historical facts flow freely from the document, as well as its descriptions of traditional feasts and processions, the way to remove hexes and roundworms from children, and life in Enna’s public whorehouse. It also touches on other societies bound together by a common thread: the yearning to understand the meaning of life.

The novel’s theme becomes a journey into the innermost recesses of the soul.

GrilloCoverTravels of the Mind

The book describes the path the author followed to get rid of his anxiety, depression and panic attacks. He succeeded in getting over his ailments; therefore everybody can do the same. He started to travel and came across a few extraordinary people who helped him. It is not possible to know whether those encounters were by chance or someone from the high metaphysic spheres favored them.

The deep meaning of the book is twofold. On the one hand, everything is projection of one’s mind; on the other hand, if you ask God for help He will not let you down.

The Vibrations of Words

The book is based upon a conversation between the author and his uncle Salvatore who created big business starting from nothing. The main theme is about the quality of one’s speech. Good words purify the environment while backbiting is highly harmful. Saying bad words about someone causes bad influence to the defamed person and to the backbiter as well. Conversely, good music, mantras, prayers and pure speech can ennoble both body and mind.

The book contains much information about esotericism, music, Judaism, religions, Osho and Hindu culture. It is right to whoever wants to broaden his or her spiritual horizons.

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