The Island of Lote By Emily Kinney

About the Book

As an Island Breeze Ruffles
the Palm Fronds,
Love and Hatred Collide

When 14-year-old Milo Hestler is bullied mercilessly at her new school, she springs for an escape the first chance she gets, only to find herself trapped by the laws of an island and the eyes of a cute boy.

Constantly on the move with her parents, Milo has become a lonely girl whose only friend is her conscience, Bob the Conscience. While traveling to Australia for summer camp, Milo is forced to abandon her plane and is rescued from the ocean by a boy named Simon. Because Simon can’t speak English, Milo can’t understand why he’s so happy when she nods yes to one of his questions. Later on, she learns that they are now engaged. Horrified and furious, Milo insists that she cannot marry Simon. However, this island has its own rules; rules that cannot, will not, be broken, no matter how ridiculous they may seem to an outsider. The island people inform Milo, quite severely, that she has no choice.

A deep, dark hatred for Simon boils up inside Milo, and if she is going to be miserable, then he’s going to be, too. Will love trump hate? Find out what happens on The Island of Lote.

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About the Author

From her earliest memories, Emily Kinney has wanted to be a writer. She lives in Maine. “This book is just the first of many to come, rest assured.”