Who’s Your Daddy Now? by Elle Cosmo

978-1-61897-311-5-ECosmoCoverAbout the Book

Elle Cosmo is a chain smoker, looking for a way to kick her habit. While searching online for information about how to quit smoking, she stumbles upon a demeaning article that so enrages her she backslides completely, and ends up puffing away like a chimney on a cold winter’s day.

She next tries seeking solace in casual sexual encounters with casual friends. However when one such friend provides her with some good advice, she finds herself beginning to like him. Unfortunately he informs Elle, that as the saying goes, ‘he’s just not that into her.’ She then turns to binge drinking to try and block out the bizarre suicidal thoughts that plague her on most nights. Elle eventually decides to make a bucket list of things she wants to do before she dies. Ultimately, she finds the peace of mind she’s looking for in replying to the demeaning article she stumbled across online that enraged her so much in the first place.

Who’s Your Daddy Now? is an autobiographical work from first-time author Elle Cosmo. It depicts the sometimes hilarious and sometimes tragic episodes that occur as she navigates her way through the many disappointing U-turns in life.