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Where the Bellbird Sings

Nearly fifty years have passed since Elizabeth last saw the colonial house in Nelson, New Zealand, where she once boarded as a young teacher in 1962. Where the Bellbird Sings takes Elizabeth back in time to her memories of the house and the peace that she felt when she heard the call of the bellbird.

Now widowed and seventy years old, Elizabeth returns when she hears the house is for sale. As she is shown through the rooms, she recalls in detail what the house had been like when her great-aunts and great-uncle lived there. Elizabeth hears the bellbird sing and is comforted, as its song always represented hope and continuity.

When she is told by the agent that the living room is locked because the owners are using it for storage, this link with the past makes her feel faint. As she sits outside on the verandah, she remembers why the mysterious door is locked.

Where the Bellbird Sings is an intriguing family saga, a remembrance of lost love and times past, but is foremost an unforgettable story.

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No White Flowers, Please

The “Roaring Twenties” was the era of the flappers, those bright young things who cut their hair and raised their hemlines. But for Rhoda Pritchard, growing up in a mining town in the North Island of New Zealand, life wasn’t easy.

On her 11th birthday, Rhoda and her younger brothers and sisters stood by their mother’s grave. The strong-smelling white flowers surrounding the coffin ever afterwards became the smell of death to Rhoda.

But she was a girl who loved life, and from an early age learned a simple way to survive. This helped her through every setback and disappointment, especially when she and the other children were sent to England without their father, accompanied only by an unmarried aunt. In the new and unfamiliar English environment, Rhoda faces every challenge with courage.

Though set in the 1920s, this heart-warming story will resonate with readers today who admire a character with grit and determination.

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978-1-62516-930-3-EBlickCoverWhen This War Is Over

World war and other separations come between lovers, when a young woman must choose who to marry. Nineteen-year-old Rhoda Pritchard has moved from Bath to Salisbury, where she becomes a nurse in a small hospital.

There are two men in Rhoda’s life. Harold is a struggling artist, whom she loves with all her heart, and Lawrence, a suave and handsome man who enters the picture after Harold goes abroad to assist his missionary parents. Friends advise Rhoda to forget Harold and take Lawrence, because he’s there and hasn’t deserted her. Which one will she choose?

Her decision has far-reaching consequences, and when World War II is declared, all their lives are turned upside down. When This War Is Over is the dramatic and breathtaking sequel to No White Flowers, Please. View the Press Release

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About the Author

Elaine BlickElaine Blick was born in Salisbury, England, moved to New Zealand when she was five years old, and has spent her life living between the two countries. She was a teacher and holds an MA in English from Auckland University. She also wrote the novels Where the Bellbird Sings and No White Flowers, Please.