Humanistic Approach to Coaching Wrestling by Ed Onorato

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An Inspiring Handbook on the Nobility of Sports, Essential For All Coaches

Wrestling, the world’s oldest sport, has always born with it associations of war, violence, and mercilessness. In A Humanistic Approach to Coaching Wrestling, however, author Ed Onorato dispels the myth of myopic brutality, urging us instead to approach wrestling as a noble endeavor, as a means of raising one’s self-esteem whether the scoreboard reads Win or Lose.

Maslow’s inspiring text teaches athletes how to create intensity without anger, hate, or violence. The ‘beat him up, break him’ and ‘make him feel the pain’ mentality is gone. This book asks for so much more: to engage for the growth of both yourself and your opponent.”

“I wish I read his book when I was teaching and coaching,” said a retired wrestling coach and high school principle. “I would have been a much more understanding person/coach.”

As Onorato says himself: in the grueling battle of a wrestling match, “no one has to lose the battle of integrity.”