The Battle for Tomorrow: A Fable By Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

About the Book

The Battle for Tomorrow is about a sixteen-year-old girl so deeply concerned about the bleak future young people face that she leaves home to participate in a November 2010 blockade and occupation of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

As the story opens, Angela Jones is the primary caretaker of her invalid mother. A relationship with a 23-year-old political activist opens her eyes to the urgent political and environmental issues facing humanity – a bankrupt global economy, catastrophic climate change, and looming water, energy and food shortages – all with alarming consequences for her life as an adult.

Ange is arrested for her participation in the non-violent blockade and occupation of the Capitol and winds up in a juvenile detention facility in Alexandria, Virginia. While there, she also finds herself fighting for the right to live independently, owing to arbitrary emancipation laws that require her to be released to a parent or guardian.

She wins this battle, thanks to the ACLU and a blog she starts to gain national attention for the blatant age discrimination confronted by many teenagers.

The Battle for Tomorrow: A Fable is a novel, but its truths ring true.

About the Author

A retired psychiatrist, Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall grew up in Milwaukee, and now lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Having worked closely with adolescents, Dr. Bramhall is acutely aware of the difficulties they face. β€œIn many countries, teenagers are allowed to vote at 16. My next book is a collection of essays on the unique perspective being an American expatriate gives me on the political crisis in my native country.”