Lifestyle Amnesia: The Brake Pedal to Mindfulness

by Dr. Bita

About the Book

In this revelational book of self-discovery, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Bita introduces the concept of Lifestyle Amnesia, a state of mind and being that deprives one from experiencing beauty. According to Dr. Bita, the vast majority of humans suffer from this condition, a state of unawareness she says functions on autopilot.

Dr. Bita defines another kind of beauty aside from physical beauty, which she calls beauty in its experiential form. This is the beauty of sensual and mindful experiences. In conjunction, our mind and our senses are the keys to experiencing beautiful aspects of everyday life. The author explains that this beauty is not superficial, but it can be obtained when one embraces a conscious state of near total awareness of the present.

The reader is encouraged to identify the signs of Lifestyle Amnesia and is provided helpful, practical tips to conquer it. Furthermore, the impact of parental Lifestyle Amnesia on children and teens is given special attention.

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About Stress-Free in Eight Steps

Sharifzadeh Cover WebIn this empowering workbook on stress management, renowned Clinical Psychologist Dr. Bita offers a comprehensive understanding of the complex inner workings of the mind, and its connection to stress, which when left unaddressed, can harm body and mind.

Everyone experiences some level of stress, particularly while undergoing change. A form of mild acute stress can be energizing and push you into action; however, chronic stress can lead to clinical depression, as well as other conditions that can harm your personal life and relationships.

The mind-body relationship has been an integral part of the centuries-old Eastern philosophies of Zen, Sufi, and yoga. Various stress trigger signals are sent to the body long before the mind can react. This can lead to changes in digestion, movement, or even posture, which alone can be telling of one’s entire history.

Combining strategies from different schools of thought, along with her own expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness, Dr. Bita guides readers through practical techniques and exercises in assertiveness, mindfulness, relaxation, self-hypnosis, and more, to tap into innate survival instincts and overcome daily stressors. We are, after all, programmed survivors.

About the Author

Sharifzadeh Web PicDr. Bita is the author of one workbook and two books, including Lifestyle Amnesia: The Brake Pedal to Mindfulness.

She is the founder and clinical director of Dr. Bita’s Health Network, a chain of integrative clinics spanning Canada that brings together health care professionals from different fields. Specializing in psychological disorders, she has an eclectic approach to therapy, integrating Schema-focused CBT, mindfulness, and sensorimotor psychotherapy to meet a client’s individual needs, allowing them to achieve psychological well-being and empowering them to become their own therapists.

Her scientific contributions most famously center on the psychological effects of immigration.