The Sovereign Principles By Douglas R. McAllister

About the Book

In a world desperately in need of new energy sources, this fascinating scientific thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Sovereign Principles is the code by which Dr. James Sovereign lives. But when his family is threatened, watch out!

In 1989, two scientists announce they have created a cold fusion reaction. The public is thrilled at the prospect of a better option than oil. Mysteriously, the success could not be duplicated. A disappointed world deemed the project a failure. But was it?

Decades later, we find Dr. James Sovereign, a respected oceanographic engineer, building the first viable city under the sea and targeted for assassination! As the bullets fly, he discovers on the ocean floor the reason someone wants him dead. Advantage Sovereign.

But then the bad guys come after his family. Big mistake. As this battle between good and evil rages, Sovereign calls on the most important of his father’s Sovereign Principles: No one messes with family!

About the Author

Douglas McAllister lives with his wife and children in Murrieta, California. He is currently working on the Sovereign series’ second installment, The Sovereign Politic.