The Wicky Wacky Farm Series by Doreen Slinkard

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Wicky Wacky Farm Series: Little Thought Monsters

Dealing With Parents’ Separation From a Child’s Point of View

Wicky Wacky Farm Series: Little Thought Monsters provides a thoughtful and sensitive look at family separations in a positive way.

Author Doreen Slinkard continues her Wicky Wacky Farm Stories set in Australia, with a heartfelt book about a little boy dealing with his parents’ separation. As Donny and Lulu from Wicky Wacky Farm return to school after their fun summer holiday, Donny is looking forward to seeing his best friend, Tommy. But Tommy is extremely sad and angry, and Donny can’t understand why. When he learns about the separation of Tommy’s parents, and that Tommy had to spend his summer holiday with his elderly grandmother, Donny asks his mother for help.

Donny’s Mum, Dora, comes up with an idea on how to make Tommy understand what is happening, and to make him feel better. Her plan works, as she shows him that children can still feel whole, even when there is a family separation.

Wicky Wacky Farm Series: The Uluru Adventure

Mother Dora, father Wally, and their children, Donny and Lulu, join some friends when they visit the scenic Outback at Uluru.

They have a fun time meeting all the people and animals living in such a different place and they learn about their much different lifestyle. Everyone gets to see world-famous events and icons at this special place in the heart of Australia.

At the very end of the holiday, under a full moon, the children sneak off during the night to meet with the Aboriginal spirit of Uluru. Or was their meeting just a dream? Find out for yourself in the wonderfully entertaining The Uluru Adventure.

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Wicky Wacky Farm Stories: Peppi Goes to China

If you’ve ever wondered what China is like, the fifth book in the Wicky Wacky Farm series – Wicky Wacky Farm Stories: Peppi Goes to China – takes you there!

This entertaining children’s book shows how everyone has the need to succeed, but sometimes ego can raise its ugly head. The story tells how two good friends deal with the problem. Peppi the Polo Pony and Wilby the Kangaroo have been the greatest of friends since the night they met. Peppi was not doing well at anything he tried until Wilby introduced himself and taught the pony how to play polo. Under Wilby’s guidance, Peppi becomes a champion polo pony. When Peppi is loaned to a prince to play polo in China, Peppi becomes sick missing his friend. The prince flies Wilby from Australia to China in an airplane, first class, to keep Peppi company.

Wilby becomes enthralled on the plane watching “The Karate Kid” movie and tries to become a karate champion. Peppi is put out, thinking Wilby should be supporting him instead of chasing his own dream. See what happens when the two friends learn the true meaning of support.

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