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The Expendable Men

During the cold war with the Soviet Union, an influential American in military intelligence rewarded Ian McGregor for saving his daughters. McGregor was enrolled in an exhausting training program to exploit his many attributes, and to further his benefactor’s career to the status of “General”.

The Expendable Man is a taut thriller loaded with spies and political intrigue.

Old hardliners in the Kremlin formed a clandestine group to oppose Gorbachev’s politics as being premature. To prove their point, they schemed with a drug cartel and other criminal gangs to undermine the American economy and make President Reagan’s idea of laying a protective canopy over America look like a ridiculous boast.

McGregor frustrated their plans in the past, before becoming an agent for an elite organization named C.A.T. (Countries against Terrorism). He changed his name, occupation, and location to marry the woman he loved, only to be tracked by two killers intent on obeying a long-standing order to assassinate him.

McGregor is forced to revert to his old identity and becomes an even more formidable adversary to settle scores with the mafia and to unmask a dangerous terrorist. Will he become The Expendable Man?


Random Thoughts of a Canadian Patriot: Are We the Beneficiaries of Racial Memory?

978-1-62516-934-1-DChiversCoverRandom Thoughts of a Canadian Patriot takes on the world! It reveals the possibilities of multiculturalism, and considers the long-range effects of a changing economic world in relation to Canada.

One chapter defines the relative strength of money, and another addresses the need for world cooperation in dealing with global warming. There is a plausible explanation of how and why man became a confrontational zealot over his adopted religion. It also explains why religion became an argument of creation versus evolution. Some light is also thrown on Canada’s much-touted health care system.

The large number of political parties in Canada is shown as a disadvantage to a democratic federal election ever gaining a majority government. The book also shows how costly social programs lead to a spiral of “thinning the wealth,” with government the main beneficiary.

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Transition to Humanity:A Plausible Hypothesis

Chivers_Cover_WebThe reason religion plays such an influential part in our lives is because extinction would have ended our species if it were not for religion. It also gives us hope that our children don’t actually die, but have gone to a far better place called heaven. Such a place had to have a God, and at the time, we had plenty of the.

We are all, without exception, behaviorally programmed. We are all, to a greater or lesser degree, behaviorally manipulated. And we are all, to some extent, mind-poisoned and controlled by early suggestion and example.

Extreme manipulation is called radicalization. But what is radicalization? It is an ancient, obsessive, and viral idea that has been given a name at last. For centuries it has taken possession of the mind of insecure youths who long for total acceptance. These misguided youths reject previous unsatisfactory programming because it hasn’t fulfilled their expectation of self-importance.

There is a conscious dismissal of previous associations and a willingness to give of them to gain recognition and appreciation. This book attempts to understand the psychological motivations of ISIS and other movements in an evolutionary framework.

About the AuthorDon Chivers

Donald C. Chivers is the author of ten books. A veteran of the World War II Burma Campaign, he became a hospital administrator in Canada. The author grew up in Cardiff, South Wales, and now lives in White Rock, British Columbia.

His photographic memory helps put reality into his books. Now retired, he enjoys writing on his balcony overlooking the Pacific.