Dream Keeper by Diane Fordham

About the Book and the Author


People all over the world are falling into deep comas. Dream Keeper is the king of eternal sleep. He enters the waking world and stalks the night for souls that sleep, for souls to steal.

This supernatural being builds his kingdom in the dream tunnels of human minds, and now he desires Tiana as his queen, whether she likes it or not. Dream Keeper is ready to spawn a child.

In the fascinating novel Dream Keeper: It’s Time to Face Your Fears, Senior Investigator Macarthur T Egan moves closer to get a better look at Tiana’s face. It was her. Not in his wildest dreams had he expected to come face to face with his dream lover.

Mac reads Tiana’s notes. Her reality and her fantasy worlds have collided. Dream Keeper was a character in a novel she was writing. But the character is real to those who go to sleep and don’t wake up. How can Mac stop someone who pops in and out of people’s dreams?

Dream Keeper makes a devil of a deal with Tiana. She pays for her success as a writer when Dream Keeper imprisons her husband and children in their dreams, and Tiana can’t wake them up. He will release her family from their eternal sleep if she joins him in his world.

The Dream Travellers who meet Dream Keeper are in for far more than they could have ever imagined.

Author Biography

I enjoy life on the mid-north coast of NSW in Australia – where the rainforests meet the sea. I do what makes me happy and brings out the best in me – I WRITE! Words creating images and stirring feelings; powerful stuff! My dream is to one day write something that impacts on, and changes peoples’ lives in an uplifting and positive way. Writing is as much a part of my day as breathing. It is my passion; it’s what brings out the best in me – the magic that dreams are made of. From unpublished writer to published writer has been an exciting journey for me; A journey of words, communication, hopes and dreams. Armed with loads of persistence and determination I have been privileged to have my short stories, poetry and articles published in literary magazines, journals, writers’ bulletins and newsletters. I am thrilled to have 50 plus of my short stories published in general circulation magazines. What inspired me to write Dream Keeper is my fascination of dreams; their ability to guide us through our waking world by revealing our hopes and desires, and the power of the subconscious through those dreams to sort out our fears and assist us in facing those fears.