The Rainbow Readers Vol. 1 By Diane-Elizabeth Napier

About the Book and the Author


The Rainbow Readers are a series of research-based books presented in chapter form to help children learn to read. It is endorsed by teachers of students in general education and also teachers of students with special needs, such as dyslexia, reading disabilities and slow learners.

The books are designed to be worked through sequentially, highlighting one letter of the alphabet in each chapter of its 26 educational themes. This helps students learn to recognize the letter both visually and by the sound the letter makes. There are also extra activities to help promote good reading skills, such as phonic practices, spelling lists and a fluency page.

Significant research lies behind this series, with 200 common words used in repetition so students continually learn and reinforce words from each succeeding book, while new words are introduced slowly. A research trial demonstrated significant success for students who used the program compared to those who did not. The books are written to be fun and provide a good tool for teachers, tutors and parents.

Author Bio
Author Diane-Elizabeth Napier is inspired by the stories and illustrations of Dr. Seuss. Working as a school psychologist, she likes to make learning fun. Napier grew up in California and completed her education in London, England. She now lives in Clearwater, Florida.