Obstinacy: The Dauntless Chase by Dhishna

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Cléopâtre Lamaure, born on the first day of August, 1978 in a small town in Mauritius, was often compared to Cleopatra of Egypt, not only because of her name but because of their striking similarities in wit, courage, sweetness of voice, and above all, astounding beauty.
At thirty-one, it seemed that she bore more burdens than should have been expected at that age. In spite of the many hardships in her life, the atrocities that crushed her soul and caged her dreams, she gathered all her might to defeat all challenges, heroically.

What was it that kept her moving? Was it hope? Was it faith in herself or was it for someone else’s sake?

Learn all about this remarkable woman in the stunning novel Obstinacy: The Dauntless Chase.

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About the Author

DhishnaBorn in Mauritius, Dhishna has been a secondary school teacher in various schools across the island. She is currently an executive assistant in a prestigious company in Dubai, where she moved in 2005. Since then, Dubai and its people have taken a fundamental place in her life and heart. Writing is her passion and she has been writing since the age of fifteen. This is her first book and she is currently working on a collection of short stories. “Every being has a story to tell and I had a story to be told, a story that I hope will inspire my readers.”