Cats Tails By Derek T. Morgan

Cats Tails

The time is ten years ago. The place is a canal near Bradlee. Two identical twin kittens seem doomed to a watery grave, but destiny steps in and sets the kittens on a different path.

Mr Tibbs has had a good life but his body is old and his spirit needs to move on. All he requires now is his replacements to carry on loving his adopted human family.

The stage is set.
The characters are in place.
Cue the play of life.

It’s a big world out there and it can be dangerous too. There are so many friends to be met and enemies as well.
There will be love, laughter, horror and sadness as the twins travel the path of life.
Curiosity is a wonderful thing and leads our two heroes into many different experiences as they search for answers to puzzling questions.
Cats, rabbits and all manner of other creatures feature in The Adventures of Rommy and Reemy.

Children, Ladies, Gentlemen, Welcome everyone – to the world of Rommy and Reemy – and Cats Tails.

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More Cats Tails: The Further Adventures of Rommy and Reemy

unnamedWelcome once again to Rommy and Reemy’s world, where love, honour, and friendship abound in warm and fuzzy tales of derring-do, as these twin kittens push the boundaries of feline knowledge to the limit!

Each chapter in the fun-filled children’s book More Cats Tails (The Further Adventures of Rommy and Reemy) presents a separate adventure with its own conclusion.

Kids twelve and older can explore the crazy world of these very special kittens and their friends, when they interact with the other animals they meet and deal with the consequences of their actions.

Loyalty and honour are paramount in these curious kittens’ lives.

And there is usually a happy ending, even if it is not quite what you expect…