Ancient Essene Wisdom for Modern Days: A Spiritual Journey of Love, Light, and Learning by Dellwyn Ross

978-1-61897-724-3-DRossCoverAbout the Book

Ancient Essene Wisdom for Modern Days is a compact spiritual guide that encourages the reader to explore the wisdoms of the ancient Essene, and how they may be incorporated into our busy, time-poor lives.

The ancient Essene lifestyle is one that may be incorporated into our modern world with tremendously positive results. This living path bestows many daily gifts of light and love, which lead to a reunion with God and a link to peace and harmony in our times. By reading and internalizing these principles it may be possible to entwine the sacred with the secular.

Saturday: Sabbath. Fasting and food
Sunday: Honor and tend the earth.
Monday: Day of silence. Decrease speech.
Tuesday: Contemplation of the beauty and
joy of life.
Wednesday: Focus on and honor the sun.
Thursday: Be thankful for rain and the water
in our life.
Friday: Honor and become more aware of
the breath.

The love and light flows from the first words in the dedication. A peaceful feeling as the sentences flow together. The quotes from a variety of religious sources give credibility to the words. I was breathing deeper and more slowly as I edited it!”
- Vern Westgate, SBG Editor

This illuminating compendium of spiritual wisdom also contains pages for journaling that follow the seasons of the year; providing triggers for certain specific types of thoughtfulness and reflection to occur.

This small guide is designed as an interactive process for the reader. It is the author’s hope that the reader will fully own and personalize this book, using it daily for the one year that the journaling pages offer space to fill. Ancient Essene Wisdom for Modern Days is not intended to be merely a book to be read and tossed aside, but rather as a daily means of maintaining equilibrium and a purposeful life.

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About the Author

Dellwyn Ross was born in New Zealand but settled in Australia after her marriage. She is now retired and enjoying achieving her writing dreams.

She is currently working on her latest novel, which is set in New Zealand during the 1880s. When not writing, Dellwyn enjoys her home and garden, family and grandchildren, volunteer work and her local church, St. Bart’s.