Books by Deke Rivers

The Taipan

A hit man is a rare species in the human race. How and why does someone become a hit man?

The Taipan: The Professional is the story of one hit man from birth to retirement. Learn of his early life in Rotterdam, Germany, his introduction and reasons why he chose this profession, as well as why he was successful.

Why was this man so special in this unique trade and why did law enforcement fear him so much? What set him apart from all the others?

The Taipan was born into extreme poverty. His birth was not acknowledged and he was a lost soul in the slums. Deserted by his parents, his only option was to become a survivor. Despite all the negatives, he did survive to become the notorious Taipan, the invisible hit man. His training with the German underworld, his term in Africa as a mercenary soldier, his self-taught education, his ingenuity and his meticulous methods made him a force feared by law enforcement organizations around the world, because they knew he existed, but could never catch him.

Despite his profession, he did have a heart and three women played a major influence in his life.

Finally, why did the hit man retire?

The Singer and His Songs

The first time Chris Wild sees an electric guitar, it is as if he has found a long-lost friend. As soon as he touches the smooth surface of the guitar and his fingers wrap around its neck, his life changes forever. It is the mid-1950s in Australia when Chris realizes he possesses a musical gift and joins the teenage band, the Offenders-never realizing he has just embarked on a life-spanning career.Forced to leave the Offenders behind when his family emigrates to Canada, Chris never hears that their first single has become an Australian chart-topping hit. In Canada, Chris receives no support for his musical talents and reluctantly studies to become an architectural technician. While assisting with the design of a recording studio, his innate musical gift is revealed during a solo midnight session overheard by the studio executives. Suddenly, Chris is launched back into the musical world and into a life of stardom. As he inspires thousands all over the world with his new album, Chris’s old girlfriend from Australia resurfaces and he must determine how to reconcile his original muse, April, with his new lover, Sarah.Fate can be capricious, especially when someone lives in two different worlds.

The Invisible Invasion

Highly original and thoroughly entertaining, The Invisible Invasion: The Unknown Force takes us on a harrowing journey into a scheme that threatens to alter the very foundation of America.

Democracy as we know it has disappeared in the United States. Corruption and greed rule, and politicians are puppets to the corporations and the super rich. Against this backdrop, The Invisible Invasion: The Unknown Force tells a dramatic and gripping story of payback.

Wrongfully arrested for crimes they did not commit, an Arab, with overseas connections, and an American-born Frenchman, both seek revenge for their years of abuse at the hands of the US Correctional Institutions. Together they plot to bring the United States to its knees. Will they succeed? And what will be the consequences?

Author Deke Rivers offers up an unforgettable tale, guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

The Royal Conspiracy


This is a story of a young Australian Artist studying Art at the famous French Sorbonne University, in Paris, France.

On dark night while out for a walk, unexpectedly he is shocked to be an actual witness to a Murder in Progress.

What does he do? What can he do? What does Fate have him do?

John English


The Sequel to The Singer and His Songs.

This is the story of a British guitarist, who has no intensions of becoming a Rockstar, but instead being a Back-up guitarist to the Stars.

Fate has other ideas about his future.

The Stockman


A story of a young boy, who refuses to leave Australia with his parents when he is 16.

Follow his adventures as he ultimately becomes a National Hero.

The Tracks of the Caribou Trail


The story of kidnapped young Female Entertainer Shelby Flynn, in The Wilds of an Alaskan Winter.

How she is saved by a National Wildlife Ranger, and the Consequences.

The Architect


A young Architect finds himself unexpectedly involved in Murder, Fraud, Identity Theft in the Development Industry in Los Angeles , California.

About the Author

Deke Rivers lives in Bellingham, Washington. As an architect, he has designed numerous recording studios and witnessed the birth of rock and roll and its evolution in his youth in Australia as well as during his teenage years in Canada and the United States.