From Greed To Grace By David McCracken

About the Book

From Greed to Grace is the story of one man’s struggle to find his path through life from a meager beginning to what many Christians would call a successful conclusion.

Author David McCracken’s unhappy childhood took place in the 1940s on a small 200-acre farm in Lyon County, Kansas, without running water or electricity.

Attending Sunday school at the age of nine for a couple months was the only framework upon which he could build a Christian life. Yet as a teen, he cried out for God’s help. The author had no knowledge of the Holy Spirit at that time, but sensed that God heard his prayer and a peace came over the author.

The heart of this memoir is devoted to the transformation the author went through that includes his years of struggle to overcome greed and allow God to guide his steps; how he became a successful self-taught day trader in the stock market; and how he won a 39-year-old claim with the VA.

This stunning book about overcoming adversity will open windows when others have tried to close doors.

About the Author

Along the way, McCracken served in the United States Air Force, taught speech and debate, was an award-winning debate coach, learned the stock market, and became a religious man.