Searching for the RESURRECTION: The Heartbeat of all Religions by David K N Lekwa

978-1-62212-378-0-DLekwaCoverAbout the Book

Imagine a world in which we never died again, and our flesh saw neither corruption, nor old age, nor infirmity. This would be a new beginning, for man, Earth, the land and all things therein.
The greatest gift of God to us is life, but we have chosen the path of death. Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit and thereafter “died.” We inherited their death and have touched God’s entire creation with this death, and its consequences, its corruption and its iniquity. Whether you are Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or other, this death applies to you.

The Good News is that God’s decree for the Resurrection has gone forth to people of all religions, and in all places on the Earth. And you know what? It is already accomplished before God; it is in the past, only waiting for physical manifestation. And the hour is now!

David K N LekwaSearching for the RESURRECTION is a book that synthesize concepts of the Resurrection, that are common across all of the world’s major religions, into an actionable program of God that would bring an end to the various forms of death on earth; and restore life, not only to the man, but to his earth, its land, and all things therein; providing us with a long awaited new beginning.

The first step to being part of this new beginning is to read this book.