Books by David J. McMullen

Oz Words

978-1-60693-432-6-DMcMullenCoverPoetry touches the essence of who we are and colors the world around us.

McMullen gleans his inspiration from his travels all over the world and his experiences with the places and people that stirred his creative soul. His words will speak to the most cynical of spirits.

His poetic take on life, love, loss and everything in between explores cities, people and places all over the world—you’ll recognize yourself in his verse.

McMullen’s prose is Dylanesque with wisdom reminiscent of John Lennon.

“The artist lays foundation
The poet adds the thought
Musicians provide the harmonies
Politicians, the distort…”

Oz Words Too

978-1-60976-042-7-DMcMullenCoverIn the Land Down Under, there are two sports that bring grown men to their knees in reverence: cricket and Aussie-rules football. The beauty of sport has never been more eloquently expressed than in the new book of verse Oz Words Too.

This mixed bag of Poetry, Verse and Rapid Rhyme also takes a look at the backbone of Australia in its highly diverse people and changing landscapes. Take a literary journey to the Outback, where nature can be beautiful but brutal. Come see the world through the eyes of a poet, with greed, fear, loss and love. It’s all here.

Oz Words Too is about the inherent good in people. Through prose, visit this beautiful place where inspiration lies around every corner and where no two sunsets are ever the same.

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The Fearless Five: One Up

Jordie, Jess, Marty, Robbie and Josh – The Fearless Five. Sure they come from the wrong side of the tracks, but money isn’t everything. Using their imaginations and whatever resources they can scrounge up, The Fearless Five roll from one adventure to the next. Some of the stunts they pull-off are life defining. Some are just outright dangerous!

Together, or individually, The Fearless Five get themselves into and out of many sticky situations, from being marooned on the pylon of a bridge, stuck halfway up a cliff face or seemingly left for dead in an underground cave when somebody cuts their ropes. Ah, life in the mid-sixties, when a kid could be a kid. The Fearless Five – One Up is a no-holds barred adventure.

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Just Add Music: Top 50 Plus 5

978-1-62516-670-8-DMcMullenCoverYou or your clients may be some of the most gifted musicians in the world. Melodies may be just your thing! But what about those all-important lyrics, the memorable words that listeners sing along to?

The Hooks – The Verses – The Rhymes! They’re all here. In his new book Just Add Music, or JAM, David J McMullen has written the lyrics to fit most popular genres of music, including rock, pop, blues, country, Caribbean, and adult contemporary.

We all know that a song is a three- to five-minute story set to music. And while the music is vital in conveying what the song sounds like and captures the listener’s attention, it is the lyrics and the vocalist’s interpretation that tell the story.

JAM contains 55 sets (Top 50 plus 5) of song lyrics written for composers, producers, and musicians to add the music and complete their song.

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Eucalypt Stew

978-1-62516-011-9-DMcMullenCoverSleep – Eat – Sleep: Ah! The life of a koala.

Native to Australia, these cute, cuddly little creatures spend most of their time high up in the branches of a Eucalyptus tree. Koalas sleep most of the time, only waking to munch on the leaves of the Eucalypt trees. Eucalyptus leaves contain Eucalyptus oil (a form of alcohol), which may be the reason koalas sleep most of the time! Koalas generally only venture down to the ground to change trees for a new source of food.

Eucalypt Stew takes the reader through the koalas’ sleep-eat-sleep cycle, by combining a fun rhyming storyline with some beautifully crafted illustrations created by one of Australia’s most talented up-and-coming artists.

The Fearless Five: A Journey of Discovery

McMullen_Cover_WebA story of action, adventure, and young love is set against the backdrop of a time of great change, as the “peace and love” era of the 1960s gives way to the “freedom revolution” of the 1970s. Sex and drugs and rock and roll? Sure. That and so much more. So much to learn and so fast: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Five teens set adrift in that era experience and absorb everything life throws at them as they traverse that difficult bridge that will take them from mid-teens to young adults. It’s a story today’s teens will find fascinating, and somewhat confronting to think that their parents actually did some of these things.

The Fearless Five – Jordie, Jess, Marty, Robbie, and Josh – were about to embark on a life-changing journey. No more little kid stuff; things were getting serious. Set in Tasmania at the end of the swinging sixties, A Journey of Discovery picks up their story as they are about to enter their last year of high school. But it’s outside of school where they gain a real education.

The school of life – it’s a great teacher – but unlike school it rarely gives second chances. Stuff up in the real world and the consequences can be brutal. But make the right decisions and the payoff could be huge, as Jordie and Jess through the music they create are about to discover.

The Fearless Five: Searching for a Niche

McMullen_Cover_WebAction, tick. Adventure, tick. Romance, tick. Triumph, tick. Tragedy, tick.

All those one-night stands, the seemingly endless days on the road were about to pay off. Fame and fortune was tantalizingly within reach. Everything fortune-teller Gypsy Rose predicted thus far had come true. Would her final predictions play out just as she’d said? And if they did, what would that mean for Jordie and Jess?

There was no doubt the band Constellation J was on the cusp of something amazing. But would all they’d achieved thus far be blown away? Jess has gone off the rails somewhat, she’d let an abundance of mind-altering substances get the better of her. And Jordie wasn’t sure this was the life he wanted. All he really wanted was Jess.

Marty had found his soul mate, but would he and Jan live happily ever after? And what would become of Josh? He’d always been Marty’s shadow, but now with Jan on the scene, he had to find his own way. Robbie, on the other hand, did have it basically together, his dream job awaited, but the girl of his dreams … that was another story.

Life for The Fearless Five as 18/19 year olds certainly had its share of ups, but there were plenty of downs for them to negotiate along the way also.

AboDavid J. McMullenut the Author

David J McMullen is an author, poet, and songwriter living in Melbourne, Australia. His family tree is littered with literary folk, the most notable being Henry Lawson (1867-1922).