Footpaths of Africa Never Run Straight: A Cross-Cultural Journey by David H M Wright

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In the remarkable memoir Footpaths of Africa Never Run Straight, fresh light is shed on one of the great challenges of our times: finding ways for different cultures to live together amicably and productively. In this example, Western and African mindsets are contrasted. The argument is that without real reciprocity in the varied ways of responding to the world, beneficial relationships are unlikely to be established.

This Cross-Cultural Journey follows the life of the author, a white child born of missionary parents, who was raised and schooled on Zimbabwe’s unique earth, breathed its distinctive air, and had ultimately little option but to emigrate. For him, the once grand notions of extending empire, bringing light to a dark continent and spreading the kingdom of God are no longer applicable. The sad reality is how often aid to the developing world has as much alienated as alleviated.

Readers are invited to walk the meandering footpaths of Africa, to glean novel and rich insights and to find former notions of how best to build sound relationships strongly challenged.

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About the Author

David H M WrightDavid H M Wright was born to missionary parents in former Southern Rhodesia. A schoolmaster for almost 40 years, he migrated to Australia in 1982. He is now retired and lives and writes in Tasmania, with intermittent visits to Francistown, Botswana, to help establish a new independent high school there. He is a graduate of the universities of Natal, Oxford (Oriel College as a Rhodes Scholar), Rhodesia, and Sydney.