Books by Cynthia Fabian

Orchestra in Our Brain

Fabian CoverOrchestra in Our Brain: The Story of a Child with Epilepsy is the heartwarming tale of a little boy who has an epileptic seizure at school. How do you explain epilepsy to children?

Author Cynthia Fabian’s character Coach describes how this disorder affects 5-year-old Robert, by comparing the boy’s brain to a symphony. After a student makes fun of Robert, Coach gives the children a lesson in music, describing the seizure as an Orchestra in Our Brain.

Coach tells how the brain works by using musical metaphors. He explains that the orchestra in Robert’s brain was slightly off key and played a wrong note, resulting in the seizure. Orchestra in Our Brainis an important story that hits all the right notes. View the Press Release

Can’t and Able: An Inspirational Story

What does it feel like when you just can’t do what the other kids, I mean stars, do?

Can’t kept trying, but he never seemed to shine as brightly as the other stars, and was always teased and bullied by others. Can’t feels that he is less than the other stars and just cannot shine.

It wasn’t until Can’t realized he Can, that everything changed for him. Find out how Can’t became a hero and ultimately became Can.

Able is the star who had it all. Able helps Can’t to realize that he can really shine. Connect with Can’t, Able, and all the stars that live in their neighborhood and beyond in the star-studded children’s book Can’t and Able: An Inspirational Story.

The colorful artwork by Daniel Stevens creates beauty and fun throughout the universe. And as we all know, the star is the limit! View the Press Release

Erica’s Tripod: A book about a girl with muscular dystrophy

Fabian Cover WebMuscular dystrophy or MD (pronounced mus-kyoo-lur dis-troh-fee) is a degenerative muscular disease where the muscles of the body get weaker and can stop working. For people who have MD, the proteins in the body are not made properly, and without these proteins, the muscles break down over time, so people with MD have problems with the way their bodies work.

Erica has MD and she sometimes struggles with day-to-day problems, but she is learning how to manage her growing pains with the help of her new pet, Tripod the dog.

It isn’t easy for Erica, as her new dog Tripod is a brand new challenge. Erica’s mom has brought home many pets over the years that needed homes. But this time it’s different, this dog has challenges of its own. Can Erica make friends with the new addition to the family? View the Press Release