See, Point, and Say by Dr. Curtis E. Smith

About the Book

See, Point, and Say: Common Phrase Communication Book will help hearing- and speech-impaired people to be better understood. This self-help guide is an important tool for all ages.

See, Point, and Say is also designed to be used by those who are hard of hearing or cannot speak clearly, and those who have to write their messages on a notepad to communicate. Obviously, being able to write legibly is not an easy task for anyone physically handicapped. Communication under such circumstances leaves much to be desired, not only for the handicapped person, but also for his/her loved ones, caregivers, health care personnel, teachers and therapists.

This method of communication is not only frustrating, but writing everything down is tiresome for everyone. It is especially frustrating when the person’s writing is compromised and difficult to read, making the person unsure that his/her message has been communicated.

It is with the thought of making communication less difficult that the colorfully illustrated book See, Point, and Say: Common Phrase Communication Book was written.

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About the Author

Dr. Curtis E. Smith is a psychotherapist and an ordained non-denominational minister living in Anaheim, California. His next book is on hospice care, A Hospice Guide Book.