Text Preparation

When the manuscript review and editing is complete, your manuscript is forwarded to a text block designer who formats your manuscript into a book interior file, also known as a text block. You will be given opportunities to review the text block. We suggest you take every review opportunity seriously and submit any minor corrections needed to polish and perfect your text block. If your book has interior art and illustrations they are part of the text block and will be properly placed with the text at this time.

The completed text block file for your book will be presented to you in electronic form as a pdf file. We suggest you print it out, share it with friends and family, and find all the little things you want to change, now that you have seen it in print. In the digital environment, there is no such thing as a few minor changes that can be done without a lot of trouble. The change of one tiny letter means that a whole new file must be created. Take advantage of these opportunities to make changes without incurring additional design fees that may occur in the Printed Proof Copy phase.

Back Cover Text

The back cover text will be discussed and while the manuscript text block is being completed. Keep in mind the back cover text is used in several places beyond the back of your book – Press Release, Webpage, Book Retailer listings, etc. Once the back cover text is finalized, it will be forwarded to the cover designer who assists you with the front cover design.

Front Cover Design

The front cover designer will then create a concept cover and send it to you for your review. You may suggest minor revisions if you think they will improve the design. If the design just doesn’t capture your book’s essence, the designer can prepare a second cover design. Your contract agreement includes up to two cover concepts.

Once the front cover design is completed, the full cover, including back and spine, will be completed, and sent to you via email for your approval. Please review carefully! This is your final opportunity to make changes to your cover design without incurring revision charges.