Press Release FAQ

Q: When will my Press Release be created?

A: Once your book is well along in production and your final cover has been created by the art department, the Press Manager will be in touch to discuss your press release. We have several options for you to choose from, and you will receive an email which outlines the differences. The timing is such that we can then get your PR written before your book is released so that it will be ready to go.

Q: I’d like to let my local newspaper know about my book release. What do I need to do?

A: Local media is extremely important and we encourage you to gather contacts for your local newspapers, TV & radio stations, and any special interest groups you can think of. Compile them in a list with company name, contact person and email address (no websites or mailing addresses, please) to While we will have major cities in your region in our database, it is impossible for us to have info for every smaller city, town and suburb and therefore ask you to provide contacts for your hometown. You could become a big fish in your local pond. And remember, all PR is good PR — you never know what a small story “here” might lead to a big story “there.”

Q: Why isn’t my author website URL working?

A: In most cases, the author website isn’t created till your book is released and certainly isn’t active until then. Your press release is one element used as content for the site. This is another reason why we like to get the press release done prior to the actual book release.

Q: When will my book be released?

A: Book release is handled AFTER you have received a printed proof copy of your book for your review. This is managed by the Post-Production team. You may use the Contact | Author Support form to inquire about the specific status of your book release.

More information regarding press releases can be found here.