Manuscript Review

Once you have accepted and signed a contract with us, your manuscript needs to be fully reviewed by our Manuscript Review Team. Since you may have only sent a partial manuscript, or even a working draft of the manuscript to our Acquisitions Team, we require you to send a COMPLETE and EDIT-READY manuscript to our Manuscript Review Team.

This edit-ready manuscript needs to be sent to us in a single MS Word or Rich Text format file for our Manuscript Review Team. They will review it for spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, legal issues, etc. They will send you a summary of their review, which will include any suggested revisions that may be needed before the manuscript goes to production.

Manuscript Editing

The Manuscript Editing deals specifically with manuscript editing. During the Manuscript Review, you may be advised that your manuscript needs detailed editing this is what our Editing Team does. Editing includes corrections to spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting and finalizing the manuscript so it is ready for the to print production process.

To ensure a quality edit after the first edit is completed, the manuscript will receive a final proof by a second editor. This process minimizes any lingering corrections which may have been overlooked by the first editor.

Important Note: The price of editing is NOT included in the contract. Read more about our editing process in the Editing FAQ

Interior Art & Illustrations

If you have illustrations, graphs, photos or other art to be used in your publication, please let us know as soon as possible. The best time to do this is during the Manuscript Review and Editing phases. Technical adjustments are required to meet the parameters and specifications of our printing facility.

You have the choice of working with your own illustrators and graphic artists, or we can provide these services for you. There will be costs associated with illustration services. SBPRA will work with you to make the interior art and illustration services as affordable as possible.

If illustration services are to be provided as part of the agreement, this will be noted specifically in your contract, or acquisition agreements.