Editing FAQ

Q: How long will my edit take?

A: After the edit has been assigned, the process can take four to six weeks, on average. The actual time depends on the individual manuscript, its length, and the specific edit requirements needed to bring the work up to publishing standards.

Q: What is the time period for the editing phase?

A: That depends on many factors, as well as the specific manuscript you submit to us for editing. Obviously, we know you want us to do the best job possible, so we don’t promise “rush” jobs. Instead, we’d rather err on the side of quality. That means we take the requisite time to do the job right.

Shorter manuscripts usually take less time than ones that are over 100k and over. We give all manuscripts the time and attention they deserve. In addition, we maintain contact with you and have you review the manuscript after the edit is completed in order to answer any queries you have about the process, methods, or style guide employed during the course of your edit.

Q: When is my edit assigned?

A: We handle many manuscripts. They are handled in the order they are received and editing services paid. Once you have made at least 1/3 payment of the editing fee, at that time your edit will be put into the queue for assignment.

Q: What happens after my edited manuscript is returned to me?

A: Upon completion of your edit, your manuscript will be returned to you and you’ll be instructed on how to review your edit and sign off on the corrections/revisions that have been made. Please note we DO NOT allow additional material (extra chapters, pages, etc.) to be inserted into the manuscript after the edit has been finalized, so ONLY send your complete and edit-ready manuscripts for processing.

Q: To whom should I direct my inquiries if I have queries about the editing process?

A: It’s best to direct your question to the correct department in order to cut down on delays. Therefore, any editing questions best sent through the Client Care Page form below or if needed directly to editmanager@strategicbookpublishing.com

Q: Are editing fees included in the contract fees?
A: No. We have found that our writers vary in writing and editing skills. Due to this variation editing fees are not included with the basic Joint Venture Contract, or Presale Contract fee.

Q: Do I have to use an SBPRA Editor?
A: Our editors are very skilled in working with our authors in regards to editing; however, you are not required to use our editors if editing for your book is advised.
If you have the SBPRA Edit Team edit your book: They take care of any revisions that need to be done for your book before your manuscript goes to print. Editing does take time, and the length of time for an edit will vary from manuscript to manuscript.

If you DO NOT have the SBPRA Edit Team edit your book: All outside editing will need to be completed before your manuscript goes to print. Either you, or your editor will need to send the fully edited manuscript to SBPRA before it can continue through full production.

Q: What if I choose not to have my book edited?
A: If you are advised to have your book fully edited, and you choose not to do so, you have this option. However, we highly advised against this. A well edited book is better received by the general public and improves your chances of having increasing book sales.

Q: During my edit review I realized I need to add a chapter. What do I do?
A: We DO NOT allow additional material (extra chapters, pages, etc.) to be inserted into the manuscript after the edit has been finalized. If you realize a chapter, several pages, or even several paragraphs of text need to be added to your manuscript the edit process will need to be restarted.

This is why it is important to send your COMPLETE and EDIT-READY manuscripts to our Manuscript Review Team.