Echoes & Memories (Second Edition) by Clayton Didier

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Looking back on a life rich in experience, Clayton Didier believes he is now better able to filter his life during the wiser and certainly more reflective years of retirement.

Echoes & Memories (Revised Edition): A Collection of 31 Poems stands as one man’s testament to a life filled with everything from world war to present day happenings. Through his poetic imagery, we can read the entertaining threads of the poet’s long and varied life. The book is cast against the background of living on two continents, with comparisons in culture, levels of social and political development, opportunities, expectations, and quality of life. In effect, Echoes & Memories describes two worlds, the Old and the New.

These poems are about nature and the nature of man. They revisit people, places, and concepts that have stood out in the author’s life, and hopefully will stand out in yours.

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About the Author

Clayton DidierClayton Didier, author of On the Pastures of Belvedère, wrote this book of poems to reminisce about and to thankfully mark his enjoyment of a long and varied life. “To have been lucky enough to revisit life’s experiences through the medium of poetry is like having one’s cake and eating it. But blissfully, the icing on that cake has been the opportunity through this medium to share the joy and the sadness, the highs and the lows of those experiences, and the lessons learned with others.”