Preacher’s Kid By Dr. Christ-Lee Lizaire

About the Book

Preacher’s Kid is the stirring true story of author Christ-Lee Lizaire of Haiti, a woman who has known much heartbreak in her inspiring life.

Christ-Lee was raised in the church surrounded by family, but then her family migrates to the U.S. from Haiti. She experiences the loss of loved ones due to natural disaster as well as a shocking murder. Following a teen pregnancy, she marries at a young age.

“I joined the military and was able to complete my education using the GI Bill. I met several people that influenced me in a very positive way. It’s all about life’s lessons and how one allows them to affect their future.”

As a Preacher’s Kid, she has lived through much adversity, including her uncle’s kidnapping, her parents’ divorce, teen pregnancy, homelessness, her son’s father’s murder, losing a dear friend in the USS Cole bombing, and the recent loss of her grandmother in the Haiti earthquake.

Christ-Lee Lizaire is a survivor. Preacher’s Kid is her amazing, no-holds-barred story.

About the Author

Christ-Lee Lizaire is an adjudicator in Providence, Rhode Island. She grew up in Haiti, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Maryland, and California. She wrote this book so her children will “have something they can always keep. I also want them to know that they can achieve anything in life no matter what comes their way. I also want this to be a guide for pregnant teens so that they understand, no matter what people tell them, their future is in God’s hands not man’s, and a child is a gift from God.”