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Fire in the Wind: The Kingdom’s Way

During Passover AD 33, Yeshua of Nazareth was publicly crucified and declared dead. Yet Roman Tribune Valerio Tullus, his Jewish wife Leah, their children Simon and Anna, their household of Jews and foreigners, along with Roman Prefect Pontius Pilatus, Herodian and Jewish leaders, and all Jerusalem hear an astounding rumor: Yeshua has been resurrected from the dead.

Valerio and his family had earlier embraced Yeshua’s proclamation that all shall come to Adonai’s kingdom. This appears to happen when a roaring wind like fire engulfs the city, and Yeshua’s followers announce that Yeshua has poured out His Spirit. Strangely, Valerio and his family are excluded from this outpouring. What then does this Spirit’s coming mean? Is it the coming of Adonai’s kingdom as Yeshua proclaimed? Or are some being rejected because they aren’t Jewish? Or, in His divine compassion, does Adonai still have a plan for them? For answers, Valerio and his family seek out Yeshua’s followers. What they learn will change their lives.

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About the Author: Cheryl Ann Toliver hopes to engage readers in New Testament culture and history so they can better understand its message from a more encompassing, non-denominational perspective, and also learn what people in the 1st century thought of the early church in the years following Jesus’ crucifixion. In Fire in the Wind: The Kingdom’s Way, she continues her story begun in her previous books Wilderness Refuge: A Prophet’s Kingdom and Bread and Stone: A New Kingdom.

Wilderness Refuge

Valerio Tullus arrives in Judea in AD 22, disowned and despairing, yet hopes to redeem his honor and life. Instead, he faces many entanglements – with his subordinate Gaius Vincinius, Jewish leaders, a local scribe Eliezer, the Herodian family, Prefect Pontius Pilatus, and the children Simon and Anna, nephew and niece of Leah, a young Jewish woman whose own struggles to survive and serve God inspire him.

Through these entanglements, Valerio’s life becomes interwoven with Leah’s and, when Vincinius attacks her, Valerio defends her. Death seems the only redemption, but, though Valerio doesn’t know or understand it, the compassionate God of Leah and her family and her people have a different purpose for his life.

Thus, in AD 28, as a powerful, strange prophet named Yochanan proclaims the coming of God’s kingdom, to be ruled by a leader yet to come, Valerio can only wonder – what is this kingdom of compassion and justice Yochanan has announced? And what redemption will it bring?

Bread and Stone

What Were the Everyday Events that Happened During the Time of Jesus?

And what did people then think of him? The stunning new novel Bread and Stone: A New Kingdom takes readers to Jerusalem in AD 30 to find out.

Valerio Tullus is shaken by an earthquake, but more so by Yeshua, a Galilean rabbi shaking Jewish society by proclaiming God’s coming kingdom. Inspired by a young Jewish woman named Leah, and believing that her compassionate God once saved his life, Valerio goes to Galilee in search of Yeshua.

His encounter with the rabbi shakes the foundations of his life. Bread and Stone will shake readers’ foundations too.

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