Assassin by Chappy

978-1-61204-133-9-ChappyCoverAbout the Book

Assassin is a novel about a young man hunting for a different kind of life than a 9 to 5 job, even though he does give it a shot.

His experiences in the Marine Corps and his ex-wife bring the training he received in the service to the point where he performs what he considers a needed occupation in a terrible world: He becomes an assassin of bad guys for money. Living this way of life changes his already loose interpretation of whom or what is bad.

The Assassin is honest to himself and is dedicated to being the best of his kind. He has no problems with what will most likely happen in his life, being captured or killed. And if given a chance to start all over again, he would still pick the same occupation. Because once you’re an assassin, you’re always an Assassin.

About the Author

Chappy loved football and girls from his earliest years. He joined the Marines shortly after his seventeenth birthday, after six months of fighting his father for permission. “I thought I had made a terrible mistake for the first three months, but learned to love it later. Went all over the world, saw enough bad places and bad things in twenty years to last me awhile.” He lives with his wife of fifty years in sunny California and feels at home close to a big Marine Corps base.