Thorn and The Blade of Shovac by Chad Lynch

About the Book

Enter the land of Sarvania, where all is well until a great earthquake unleashes from an underground tomb the ancient evil of a vampire emperor.

Sworn to take revenge against those responsible for his imprisonment, the emperor unleashes his army of demons and vampires against the people of Sarvania, covering the land in darkness. But with his return, a prophecy is being fulfilled.

Thorn, a child born with the mark of the mighty dragon, will one day grow up and learn to wield the mighty Blade of Shovac. Thorn will lead the Sarvanian army against the vampire emperor and his demons. Thus the fantasy adventure Thorn and the Blade of Shovac takes flight.

Along with his companions and other mystical creatures from across the land, Thorn must find the strength to wield the mighty sword and destroy the evil of the vampire threat.

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