Hope in the Urban Schools: Love Stories

by Cara Churchich-Riggs

About the Book

Hope in the Urban Schools: Love Stories explores the school life of urban students. With the current political backdrop in public education, including the realities of No Child Left Behind, illegal immigration, poverty and racism, readers will meet real students craving the access their suburban counterparts so often take for granted.

From seemingly hopeless to believing in success, these true stories show the challenges students bring to public schools, and provide evidence of how schools can nurture the love and hope needed to develop bright futures.

I am grateful to Cara Riggs for sharing her experiences and the real life stories of students she has served … In these love stories, you will discover the hope being provided to students in the urban schools.” – John Mackiel, Superintendent, Omaha Public Schools

Finally! An honest and raw look into the power of adult-to-student relationships in providing hope for our kids in challenging situations … what a breath of fresh air! Principal Cara Riggs has provided a loving insight into the complexities of creating public school atmospheres where hope can indeed conquer hopelessness … A ‘must read’ for anyone who really cares about the education of our kids and what’s working.” – Wes Hall, Author, Teacher Trainer, National Keynote Speaker

Her story is a triumphant example of what can happen when a principal refuses to give up on the ‘unteachable’ kids.” – Erin Gruwell, Freedom Writer’s Foundation

At a time when our country seems to be abandoning our public schools, this book is a ‘must read.’ ” – Susie Buffett, Sherwood Foundation

About the Author

Cara Churchich-Riggs has been an educator in the Omaha Pubic Schools for nearly three decades. She is currently a high school principal.