The Prayer of Silence: A Complete Course in Spiritual Transformation by Bruce Fraser MacDonald, Ph.D.

About the Book

The Prayer of Silence provides a strikingly new, easy to learn, and effective method of meditation and prayer.

A Near Death Experience in 1966 opened an area of spiritual awareness which Bruce Fraser MacDonald, PhD calls “the Watcher,” through which he was able to heal both his badly damaged body and, later, severe brain damage from viral encephalitis. In The Prayer of Silence he shows others how to use the Watcher to find physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and how to get in touch with the divine centre of their being — what Jesus called “the inner Kingdom of God.” Practicing the Prayer of Silence opens profound areas of spiritual awareness and allows people to experience the Presence of God, to know God as Jesus did, as “Abba, Father,” to talk to God as Moses did, “as a man talks to his friend” and to find Oneness with God.

Bruce MacDonald’s greatest contribution to the science of spiritual growth is his discovery of the Watcher, which allows people to progress rapidly and with comparative ease into areas of spiritual awareness which till now have been very difficult to achieve.

About the Author

Raised in India, Canada and the US, Professor MacDonald has lectured, taught and conducted research in many universities around the world. He draws with equal ease from ancient spiritual and philosophical traditions, the teachings of Jesus, and modern science to describe a spiritual system that actually transforms lives. He writes with a simplicity and effortlessness which makes even the most difficult subjects clear.

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