Think About It: A Write and Reflect Book Series I & II

by Brian A. Brown

About the Books

Series 1

This book uses short stories and fun cartoons to educate young readers on real world issues such as drugs, peer pressure, bullying, and guns. You could be in their places one day. Their stories can help you make the right choices.

Book 2

Building on his highly entertaining and educational short story collection for kids, Think About It: A Write and Reflect Book Series I, author Brian A. Brown is back with his second installment. Think About It: Series II uses cartoons to illustrate riveting stories about kids facing tough, embarrassing, or even dangerous situations that children everywhere can relate to. Whether kids in the classroom are being pressured or bullied by other students to make a negative choice, have the urge to disobey their parents, or feel as if nobody understands them, all young adults and children can learn to make the right decisions through each character’s story in this engaging and practical book.

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