A Way to Redemption By Brett Newman

About the Book and the Author


Redemption is defined as being redeemed. It can also be defined as the act of delivering one from sin, or being saved from evil. A Way to Redemption is all that and more.

This amazing book is a collection of free verse that examines the depths of the author’s soul. It covers everything from being susceptible to drugs, alcohol, and lustful indulgences, to being an addict and experiencing a deadly psychotic episode. His words will move you.

This powerful and unforgettable verse displays yearnings, fears, torments, sorrows, trials, and spiritual conversion that range from desperation to redemption. A Way to Redemption presents a challenging journey, one that will make you look inside yourself, as it leads to the greater truth.

Author Biography

Brett Newman began writing songs when he was in his twenties. Then he turned to writing of a different sort, which took the form of a poetic diary of his experiences. This would eventually become A Way to Redemption. His motivation for publishing his book, Brett Newman says, “I hope my written testimonial helps others.” “I want people to realize that even if we have done major things wrong, if we are truly sorry in our hearts, we can be forgiven. Redemption is offered to all of us. It is a spiritual conversion. If we honestly seek forgiveness, it will be given to us by the Spirit of the Almighty.” Brett Newman lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, with his wonderful lady, Leeanne, and his big brilliant dog, Doofy.