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Disrupted Lives

A name does not make a person, a person makes a name.

Such is the theme of Disrupted Lives, the story of how one adopted child touches and intersects with many lives, but ends up destroying one family name, while building another family’s legacy.

Darren and Amelia Kane were high school sweethearts torn apart by war. They reunite and discover that they both must put their nightmares behind them to build a life together. Betrayed by her parents, Amelia was earlier forced to give up their child.

Fiona Porter and Sterling Lake are thrown together as part of a business proposition. They end up surprising both their families by enriching the Lake empire and family name. The Lakes become synonymous with society, power and money, and their children must carry that torch forward at all cost. When an adopted grandchild is brought into the family, he questions the definition of “family.”

From 1920 to present-day Georgia, this saga of family secrets and old Southern prejudices are explored in the explosive novel Disrupted Lives.

Skewered Halo

Diane Newsome is the middle child born into a middle-class family. Her older sister, Brittany, has resented her existence from the moment she was born.

Unbeknownst to their parents, Brittany convinces Diane that she was placed on the doorstep as an unwanted child, and she dare not make a wrong move or her place in the family will be in jeopardy.

Years later, when Diane finally divulges this secret, her parents are aghast, yet her mother still sides with Brittany, even shunning Diane and her children.

Then one day Diane comes home to find her entire life has been a lie … and everything she held true was fabricated.

Skewered Halo tells an incredible tale of murder, mayhem and treachery that delves into the bottomless depths of hatred and jealousy.

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About the Author

Brenda Youngerman lives in Southern California and writes fiction that takes readers along for a ride that will have them thinking about her stories long after the books are finished. The author tackles real issues that confront us on a daily basis. She writes ‘Fiction with a Purpose’ – stories about real people and real issues. Each novel tackles a different issue and with them she opens up conversations about subjects many would like to sweep under the rug.

“My purpose is to be able to have one person say, ‘I loved this book and I didn’t realize that about …….’. That would be a good day!”

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