White Nigger By Beverly J. Scott

About the Book

Race relations in 1970s America proved to be a bitter struggle, but the topic makes for a classic novel in Beverly J. Scott’s White Nigger: A Tale of Bigots & Bullies.

Ten-year-old River is a white girl whose half-brother and sister were possibly fathered by a black man named Ivan. Her mother has not been home for over three weeks, when a man accosts River. Ivan comes to her rescue, but is afraid for the family’s safety, and packs all three children into his old truck. They end up in Owls Nest, Iowa, where they find a deserted cabin and become squatters. After Ivan assumes the role of River’s father, the school bully begins to taunt her with the words White Nigger.

Though life is not easy and River continues to face prejudice, this insightful story reaches into the core of humanity to show that the color of our skin does not define who we truly are. You will be deeply touched by the characters and theme of A Tale of Bigots & Bullies.

About the Author

Now retired, Beverly J. Scott lives in Iowa, and is working on her next book.