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978-1-62857-080-9-BPrignanoCoverThe Tiny Tomato and His Terrific Manners

This invaluable children’s book shows what can happen when the biggest tomato in the garden decides to throw his weight around and bully the smaller tomatoes.

Tom tomato is the largest tomato in the garden. As such, he thinks he’s better than the other tomatoes and deliberately bullies the smaller ones. He is rude and ill-mannered, and goes out of his way to make sure the smaller tomatoes don’t grow.

But one day Tom learns a valuable lesson about bullying, and when he’s given a second chance he realizes that it’s far better to be kind, work together, and use proper manners, all of which make the garden a much happier place. View the Press Release

978-1-61897-177-7-BPrignanoCoverAngelo: The Underappreciated Ant

Angelo is the smallest ant in his family. As such, he can’t work as fast as the other ants and he’s certainly not as strong. But Angelo is a very determined little ant and is proud of all his accomplishments.

When the family farm is threatened by a big storm, Angelo is told that his help is not needed. Determined to help anyway, he uses his knowledge and skills, setting out on his own to try to save the farm.

Angelo: The Underappreciated Ant is a wonderful children’s tale that shows even when the odds are against you, perseverance and determination can win the day. View the Press Release

978-1-60976-924-6-BPrignanoCoverAnthony and the Magic Bumblebee

In this delightful new children’s book, a little boy named Anthony discovers a bumblebee sprinkling magic dust. Just what is this magic dust? Anthony and the Magic Bumblebee provides a wonderful teaching opportunity to learn all about pollination.

Anthony wants to help his friend Joseph grow flowers for his Grandma, so he asks the bumblebee for help. The bee is happy to help pollinate the pretty sunflowers that can then be delivered to Grandma. View the Press Release

Anthony and the Magic Bumblebee is a delightful story that will be enjoyed by children, parents, and teachers alike. It gently explains the process of pollination in a way that captivates the children. The illustrations are bright and entertaining; a joy to read.” – Amanda M. Thrasher, author of Mischief in the Mushroom Patch and A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch

Enchanting … This magical tale is a perfect teaching tool, a wonderful example of what working together can accomplish. It’s sure to be a favorite.” – Pamela M. Hubbs, Pam’s Giving Tree Pre-School, Huntington, New York

ColorPF8.500x8.500.inddHow Bunnies got their Cottontails

Barbara Prignano writes a wonderfully imaginative children’s tale in How Bunnies Got their Cottontails.

Little Joseph loves to play!

If he could, Joseph would play all day, but Mom knows that little boys also need to do their chores.

Joseph’s mom gives Joseph the important job of watering the outdoor plants. Joseph is unhappy about this. It takes up time to water all of Mom’s plants; time that Joseph thinks could be better spent playing!

Joseph comes up with a very ingenious way to keep the plants watered, without wasting precious play time. A little bunny comes along and finds what Joseph has left next to the plants and it’s just what the bunny needs.

How does Joseph attempt to keep his plants watered and why do bunnies need it?

The author and illustrator are childhood friends that collaborated to share this adorable story with young children. Barbara Prignano has written a delightful book that children will find amusing and fun. Jennifer K. Okubo’s cheerful illustrations bring her story to life. How Bunnies Got Their Cottontails is a perfect bedtime book to have your little ones on their way to sweet and happy dreams! View the Press Release

About the Author

Barbara Prignano is an attorney and small business owner in East Islip, New York. She has two young children who continue to inspire her.

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