The Claws of the Earth, Part I: Mintor King by B.

About the Book

The Claws of the Earth, Part I: Mintor King marks the beginning of an extraordinary fantasy series.

The religion of the Hooded One lost a war to conquer the kingdom of the forest 500 years before. One hundred years after, he sends his priests with magical statues that emanate a spell to enslave the people. Now he is ready to take over.

It is said that five blades were created long ago to withstand the power of the Hooded One. Now the blades have been found again: one for a man, one for a dragon, one for an elf, one for a semi-goddess and one for a beastman.

The five races that hold the blades must work together to counter the influence and defeat the Hooded One in a war that will encompass more than just the kingdom. Peace on Earth is at stake! View the Press Release


This is a fantasy novel written, by a common laborer, with passion, a wonderful story about kings, elf’s, dragons, beast-men, and semi-gods, and other mysterious characters.

This world of fantasy unfolds before you like a film, because of the detailed descriptions of the characters and the environments.

One can compare the characters from the book with the characters from “The lord of the rings”.

The story is written in English, a pity for me as being a Dutchman it was a little hard for me to read but I enjoyed the story immensely from beginning to the end, it gripped me form the start and carried me along into the wonderful world created by the author.

Now I wait in anticipation for part II, which I know is coming.” – Jelle Tichelaar

About the Author

B. works as a logistics planner for a chain of supermarkets in The Netherlands. He lives in a small town near the coast with his wife and son, where he often takes long walks in the dunes and forest to get ideas for his stories.

The first book in the Netherlands sold and signed