About the Author

I grew up living on a farm helping my father farm it from a very early age of ten years old. I learned and developed the good work ethic from then on.

As a teenager I became involved in crime and drugs. In my lifetime I have been in juvenile detention, seven jails, and two prisons twice each, mental institutions and a group home.

A black magic warlock and a criminal organization of illegal law enforcement officers combined with their henchmen conspired throughout my life to murder me on seven separate attempts.

When I was 16 years old I hitchhiked to Florida and back twice just to see what was out there and twice more when I was 17 years old. I have lived a year of my life on the roads and living in the streets, hitchhiking 30,000 miles total.

I have lived four years interspersed throughout my life in the mountains of Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Michigan, Minnesota, USA and Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. I have camped in all kinds of weather at all times of the year. I hunted, fished and especially explored those areas I visited most thoroughly.

Throughout my lifetime I have had multiple supernatural experiences that occurred to me. I have been through time warps, being in more than one place at one time, going from one place to another without physically traversing the distance between, time travel being in more than one day at a time without the sun ever setting on me, bodily visited other parallel universes, seen the sun in the west in the morning and in the east in the evening, and even actually physically ascending to Heaven and returning to life on earth as we know it while I was still alive in 1989 where I actually touched the celestial body of another person there that I had known in this life but had since parted ways.

In 2000 I began writing seriously. I have written seven books, exclusively on topics that I was either knowledgeable about from my own personal life or from stories that I heard from other individuals I came into personal contact with but either and both augmented from reading literature on them. I have written three autobiographical books, two titles on crime and drugs and two of historical nature concerning mountain men, pioneers, Indians, crime and war.